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What Are the Strengths and Limitations of the Five Factor Model of Personality Free Essay Example, 1250 words

Ð ¡riticism of the five-factor model is based on the argument that it provides a static account of personality portrayed by an individual over the course of a lifetime. This is contrary to research that has indicated personality traits as developing and transforming throughout the childhood of an individual while they remain stable for healthy individuals over the age of thirty. Among the studies that have proven the inconsistencies in the five-factor model of personality is one that found significant test-retest correlations for dimensions such as Extraversion, Neuroticism, and Openness but could not determine noteworthy correlations traits such as Conscientiousness and Agreeableness for test samples from individuals across the 45-year period. Based on the evidence of the test-retest correlations that indicates a small proportion in variance suggesting the dimensions are subject to considerable transformations across the adult years. Most of the great psychologists including Catte ll, Allport, and Murray have accepted the assumption that personality dispositions change, leading to the conclusion that that five-factor model is important only as reflective of the present generation (Roberts, Walton and Viechtbauer, 2006). This is supported by ongoing empirical studies that have indicated progressive changes to personality structure take place throughout the lifespan of an individual (Cattell, Boyle and Chant, 2002). We will write a custom essay sample on What Are the Strengths and Limitations of the Five Factor Model of Personality or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page

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Analysis Of Matthew Arnold s Dover Beach - 1264 Words

(Not) Alone in the ‘Sea of Faith’ Published in 1867, Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach is short lyrical elegy that depicts a couple overlooking the English Channel, questioning the gradual, steady loss of faith of the time. Set against this backdrop of a society’s crisis of faith, Arnold artfully uses a range of literary techniques to reinforce the central theme of the poem, leading some to argue that Dover Beach was one of the first ‘free-verse’ poems of the language. Indeed, the structure and content of the poem goes against all traditional romantic love sonnets of the day with a decidedly more melancholic and darker tone. Whilst respected critic Stefan Collini explores the notion that Arnold’s poem is too focused on the poet’s own melancholic mindset, I will endeavour to provide an alternative viewpoint which will reason that Arnold successfully delivered a wider commentary about the crisis of faith that resonated not only with Arnold himself, but with the audience. The poetic techniques that Arnold employs through shifts in metre, rhythm and form serve to reinforce the change in human condition that Arnold is depicting in the poem. This is perhaps best illustrated through examining the meter of Dover Beach, which for all its apparent minimalism and ease, is subtler than one might think. The poem is comprised of four stanzas, which - while differing in length - appear to retain a loose semblance of iambic rhythm. If we examine Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor lightShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Matthew Arnold s Dover Beach 947 Words   |  4 PagesMatthew Arnold was born in the early 19th century in England and began his career as a poet who earned acclaim very quickly at his school, Rugby School. As he grew older he became a teacher at his alma mater and as the years passed, his passion for education and knowledge paved the way into what Arnold became most well-known for, critical essays and poetry. In this time he wrote some of his best w orks which earned him a teaching position at Oxford as a teacher of poetry. From that point on, his careerRead MoreDover Beach and Farenheit 4511461 Words   |  6 Pages English 2342 20 April 2011 Dover Beach and Fahrenheit 451 The classic poem, Dover Beach, written by Matthew Arnold, is a statement about losing faith as a result of enlightenment. In an emotionally charged scene in Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, fireman Guy Montag reads the poem aloud to his wife and her friends. Bradbury could have chosen any piece of literature for Montag to read as a means of unveiling his collection of hoarded books and his newfound interest in reading them. BradburyRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Dover Beach By Matthew Arnold1139 Words   |  5 PagesMonelle Shuman English Lit 202 K. Morefield December 1, 2014 An Analysis of â€Å"Dover Beach† by Matthew Arnold Dover Beach is thought to be one of the best representations of the Victorian Period all together. It portrays the mood and tone of what the people experienced and felt at that time. Around the same time it was written, London had just experienced a massive boom in their population, growing from 2 to 6 million citizens. At the same time, London was becoming one of the first in the countryRead MoreLove And Loss : Happy Endings By Margaret Atwood3620 Words   |  15 PagesWhen people think of love and loss many thoughts can enter one s mind. Love and loss can be seen as painful, unfortunate, depressing. Most people would relate love and loss to romantic relationships that ended in breakups; on the contrary, â€Å"Confession Day† allows people to confess the pain they have felt through any of their losses. In the poems â€Å"She Walks in Beauty† by Lord Byron, â€Å"Dover Beach† by Matthew Arnold and in the short story â€Å"Happy Endings† by Margaret Atwood , it is noticed that loveRead MoreAnalysis of Dover Beach and The Buried Life by Matthew Arnold 1960 Words   |  8 PagesAnalysis of Dover Beach and The Buried Life by Matthew Arnold Matthew Arnold is one of the many famous and prolific writers from the nineteenth century. Two of his best known works are entitled #61505;Dover Beach#61504; and #61505;The Buried Life.#61504; Although the exact date of composition is unknown, clearly they were both written in the early 1850s. The two poems have in common various characteristics, such as the theme and style. The feelings of the speakers of the poem alsoRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pageslamentable. Taken together, the key themes and processes that have been selected as the focus for each of the eight essays provide a way to conceptualize the twentieth century as a coherent unit for teaching, as well as for written narrative and analysis. Though they do not exhaust the crucial strands of historical development that tie the century together—one could add, for example, nationalism and decolonization—they cover in depth the defining phenomena of that epoch, which, as the essays demonstrate

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Family Genogram - 1258 Words

PSYC 2103 Genogram Project A genogram is a type of family tree, but with more detailed information. It is often used as a diagnostic and assessment tool by physicians or counselors to obtain individual and family history in order to help in the establishment of a diagnosis and treatment plan. This semester, you will have the opportunity to construct a family genogram for informational purposes. You will develop a genogram, documenting information from both sides of your family (maternal and paternal) for 4 generations starting with yourself. The genogram may be hand drawn or you may use a computer drawn one. (You can download a basic program from or from ) Your†¦show more content†¦Religious affiliation Education level (designate on key what level of education you are showing. For example high school education, PhD, etc.) Occupations (patterns of occupations, not just listing every occupation you can find. For example: teachers, truck drivers, farmers, etc.) Medical problems (heart problems, diabetes, etc.) Mental health problems (depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc.) History of suicide or attemptsShow MoreRelatedFamily Genogram Essay2349 Words   |  10 PagesThe objective of doing the genogram is to get to know the patient by gaining understanding of his/her family background. Assessing the family using systemic approach enables health care providers to learn about the ways in which family members interact, what are the family expectations and norms, how effective is the members communication, who makes decisions and how the family deals with life time stressors (Hockenberry Wilson, 2007). This paper outlines the assessment and analysis of the threeRead MoreGenogram: Family and Grandmother Essay1357 Words   |  6 PagesFamily Genogram Project Liberty University Family Genogram Project The purpose of a student construing a genogram is to help a student gain an understanding of his/her family background. By gaining knowledge of one family it can help the student assist other understand how to help their clients. However, genograms backbone is a graphic depiction of how different family member are biologically, legally, and emotionally related to one another from one generation to the next (McGoldrickRead MoreFamily Genogram is Similar to the Family Tree730 Words   |  3 PagesFamily Genogram A genogram is a tool similar to a family tree that is used to track family history and family relationships. Genograms contain basic information such as: names, genders, birth/death dates, illnesses, social behaviors, achievements, education, family relationships, social relationships and emotional relationships (Genogram Guide, 2009). This paper will summarize finding after completing a three generation genogram of this author’s family history beginning with the maternal (Johnson)Read MoreEssay on Genogram Family Analysis1644 Words   |  7 PagesGenogram Family Analysis II How you ever feel that we, as sons or daughter tend to repeat our parent mistakes? I have always asked myself why and I still have not have the right answer. For example my mother grew up in a very strict environment when she was a child, with my grandmother and my great grandmother coming from a Japanese Culture; my mother grew up to be a very quiet and reserve young adult. She is really kind, strict, helpful and with a very big heart. Although we had our differencesRead MoreFamily Subsystem Genograms Paper2789 Words   |  12 PagesBuckman Family Subsystem Genogram Gil, Karen, Kevin, Taylor and Justin Buckman analysis The family chose is Gil, Karen, and their children Kevin, Taylor, and Justin they are a pretty normal down to earth family, with minor issues. The main issue is Gil and his neuroticism; he seems to have obsessive compulsive disorder, because what is happening is that it is affecting their oldest child Kevin the most, the other two are affected but not to the extent that KevinRead MoreWhat A Genogram Is More Than A Family Tree1293 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction A genogram is more than a family tree. It is a visual interpretation of a family and their relationships. A genogram says a lot about a family. It uses symbols to describe the relationships between family members. One can use a genogram to tell the dynamics of a family. Sometimes, there are patterns that are passed down generation to generation. The purpose of this paper is to go into more detail about what a genogram is and what it means. Also, I have provided a genogram of my family on theRead MoreFamily Genogram Is Fairly Large At First Glance1504 Words   |  7 Pages The â€Å"Beeland-White† family genogram is fairly large at first glance. On both sides of the chart, one sees ‘hostile’, ‘neutral’, ‘distant’, and ‘close’ relationships with the Beeland side having one ‘very close’ relationship. There are also emotional and power triangles present. One can also view cross-generational patterns specifically dea ling with hostile relationships, which causes an influence on the relationships that I have. My parents are Bryant Beeland and Carol White Beeland. For the lastRead MoreFamily Genogram Project Essay examples3555 Words   |  15 PagesNarrative Family Counseling Approach Research Paper Keltic University Abstract Narrative therapy is a social constructive philosophical approach to psychotherapy that has been developed to help clients deconstruct their negative and self-defeating life stories while rebuilding healthy and positive life stories through the use of various techniques. This paper will discuss the leading figures, some concepts and techniques, ethics, some similarities and dissimilarities of other theories comparedRead MoreGenogram Narrative Family Systems1769 Words   |  8 Pages Genogram Written Narrative HSC 6323/Family Systems June 15, 2011 Professor Michael Hardin Lubbock Christian University Genograms are an excellent way to show the multigenerational family as a whole. When looking at a genogram, it is easier to see various pieces of information that exist within the family system. When creating a genogram, it is necessary to obtain a great deal of information to allow for accuracy as well as proficiency within the genogram. OverallRead MoreGraduation Speech : Honors And Integrity Statement1555 Words   |  7 Pages BLOOD SPEAKS ITSELF A Genogram Paper Honors and Integrity Statement I certify that this Genogram Paper is my own written work and that I have not copied from any other student, text or source in a manner that would violate the rules of plagiarism outlined by Nursing 7 and San Joaquin Delta College. I realize that a violation of the rules of plagiarism will result in a course failure and possible dismissal from the college.

The Student Experience In Higher Education Education Essay Free Essays

string(141) " interview was hence to derive an apprehension of the interviewee ‘s ain place in relation to her experience has a postgraduate pupil\." Introduction The cardinal factor in the appraisal of quality in higher instruction is the pupil experience. This is non restricted to the pupil experience in the schoolroom but to the entire pupil experience. ( Harvey et al. We will write a custom essay sample on The Student Experience In Higher Education Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now ,1992, p. 1 ) . Increasing attending is being paid to the pupil experience at higher instruction establishments across the UK, both by establishments themselves and by the bureaus that fund them and back up them. This new focal point is driven partially by turning involvement in what pupils think about their experiences and a committedness to developing a more informed and nuanced apprehension of what the pupil experience agencies and what factors shape it. The cardinal implicit in driver is enhancement of the pupil experience, both as an terminal in itself, and as a agency to the terminal of deriving and keeping competitory advantage in recruiting and retaining pupils ( Chris, 2008 ) .In this survey a phenomenological method was employed to research the single experiences as a postgraduate pupil in the University of Ulster. LITERATURE REVIEW Evaluation of what is going universally known as the â€Å" pupil experience † is one of the dominant subjects of higher instruction research at this clip. This term embraces the impression that larning does non merely take topographic point in the schoolroom and that pupils ‘ clip spent in higher instruction is about a whole scope of experiences ( City University, 2002 ) . All facets of pupils ‘ university experience have an impact on their acquisition experience ( City University, 2002 ) . Purdue University ( 2004 ) refer to the ‘Pillars Supporting the Entire Student Experience ‘ and Thompson ( 2000 ) composing in the Kansas State eCollegian stated that: The entire pupil experience encompasses learning and acquisition, course of study, pupil life, reding and mentoring. The University of Edinburgh ( 2004 ) besides refers to a broad set of pupil experiences in which it was stated that accomplishments are derived from the entire pupil experience whether academic, excess curricular or work experiences.A More late nevertheless the focal point has shifted to the rating of the entire pupil experience, which would include issues such as the installations available within the establishment, relationships with the academic staff and fellow pupils, and attitudes towards the instruction manner offered by lectors and coachs. Increasingly, pupils ‘ attitudes and perceptual experiences towards the establishment as a whole are seen as cardinal issues in finding the e ntire pupil experience. ( Savani, 2003 ) The survey entails an person ‘s experience as a postgraduate pupil. Purposes: The survey, which was conducted as portion of an assignment of NUR816 faculty, aimed: To research a fellow pupil ‘s experience while set abouting a graduate student survey. To analyze the sort of job faced by a postgraduate pupil. To set up whether postgraduate pupil bask their surveies all through the semesters without any job from place or work topographic point for those working. To enable me to cognize whether they were able to get some rational accomplishments through their programme. Research Questions/objective: To research a fellow pupil ‘s experience while set abouting a graduate student survey, in footings of the challenges of such survey. To find the impact of a graduate student survey on a pupil daily life. The methodological analysis for probe was based on the purposes and aims set. The research inquiry shall be answered by utilizing the phenomenology methodological attack alternatively of the descriptive anthropology and grounded theory. This methodological attack is chosen because the research subject is centred on the perceptual experiences and readings of the universe held by an person. The speech pattern within this position is on the individualism, even the singularity, of each individual ‘s set of perceptual experience which is located in a specific societal context ( Shepard et al. , 1993 ) . Phenomenology evolved from Husserl ‘s philosophical enterprise to research the full significance of persons ‘ lived experience of a given phenomenon through contemplation on the world of their experiences ( Morse and Field, 1996 ; Koch, 1999 ; Jones and Borbasi, 2003 ; Racher, 2003 ) . The research worker observes and efforts to construe the significance of the observations made ( Jones and Borbasi, 2003 ) . In understanding what is ‘real ‘ there is reading of the significance of people ‘s relationships with their life experiences Phenomenology attack stands in blunt contrast to ethnography and grounded theory ( Julius and Chris, 2002, p.9 ) . In peculiar, it takes a really different position of the relationship between experience and cognition. For rationalists, and for post-positivists, experience is a agency of accessing an nonsubjective world that lies outside the person who is sing it ( Julius and Chris, 2002, p.9 ) . In phenomenology, nevertheless, the universe as experienced by persons, or by a group of persons, is the existent universe. Social world is constructed by persons in the procedure of interacting within a peculiar context ( Anderson, 1991 ) . In add-on, phenomenology recognises the fact that societal phenomena are rooted in a specific context ( Julius and Chris,2002, p.10 ) .Similarly, phenomenology, trades chiefly with the ‘micro ‘ instead than the ‘macro ‘ characteristics of societal life ( Lassman,1974 ) . Using this method enabled the single pupil to depict a lived experience of deriving ‘knowledge ‘ as a postgraduate pupil and pertaining to her daily life. Through following a post-positivist, phenomenological enquiry, the research worker aimed for objectiveness in roll uping and measuring informations. This involved actively recognizing and uncluttering the head of preexistent ideas, beliefs and values ( Holloway and Wheeler, 1996 ) . This is combative, and non easy accomplishable. However, in this research such objectiveness was desirable, since the lead research worker was a co-worker to the interviewee. Methods Participant The research was conducted with a fellow pupil from within the NUR 816 faculty category in the University of Ulster. Ethical blessing was obtained from the University of Ulster Ethics and administration Committees. Flying was in a site unconnected with the chief survey. The methodological analysis was qualitative in design. In peculiar it drew on phenomenological rules which â€Å" seek to understand, describe and interpret human behavior from the position of the individual or participants being studied ( Finlay, 1999 ) . The purpose of the interview was hence to derive an apprehension of the interviewee ‘s ain place in relation to her experience has a postgraduate pupil. You read "The Student Experience In Higher Education Education Essay" in category "Essay examples" Data aggregation procedure Design – Ethical and research administration Issues Qualitative research is based on the premiss that in order to get cognition about people, we need to give them the chance to specify and depict their experiences as these were lived by themselves ( Polit and Hungler,1993 ) . This attack allows the geographic expedition of worlds by worlds admiting the value of a holistic position and the worth of individualism and subjectiveness ( Chinn, 1985 ) . Nursing and phenomenology portion the same beliefs in sing people holistically as entities who create significances and in valuing them as alone individuals ( Omery, 1983 ; Taylor, 1994 ) . Using a phenomenological attack nevertheless holds assorted troubles such as ‘method slurring ‘ ( Baker et al. , 1992 ) and the acknowledgment of the research workers consequence upon the survey and the reading of the findings. The deficiency besides of defined guidelines high spots the issue of asperity ( Hallet, 1995 ) . This stresses the demand for elaborate certification of the survey and the demand to integrate the cogency of the findings within the information analysis. However, the reading on any research has to be considered probationary instead than absolute ( Walters, 1995 ) . Sampling procedure Participant Numberss within phenomenological surveies are typically little, for illustration, less than 10 ( Morse and Field, 1996 ; Parahoo, 1997 ; Kleinman, 2004 ) , and interviews are in-depth with much rich informations ( Whimpenny and Gass, 2000 ) . The sample used for this survey was a convenience sample drawn from a mark population of NUR816 faculty category. A fellow pupil was approached and she agreed to take part. Participant was informed about the right to retreat from the survey at any clip and was assured that in written studies they would non be able to be identified as imposter names would be used. This attack was agreed by the moralss and research administration commission as being acceptable. Data aggregation method Interviews Contact with the fellow pupil was made by telephone with a follow-up participant information sheet, consent signifier given to her in category. A hebdomad was allowed from the telephone call until the clip agreed for interview, therefore giving clip for participants to read and discourse the information with others if they wished. Final consent was undertaken instantly anterior to interview. Participants were offered the school country that is mall or talk room. She opted for the talk room ( Dashiff, 2001 ) . Prior to the interview, the intent of the survey was discussed. This served to loosen up the interviewee and the interviewer ( Morse and Field, 1996 ) . The interview that lasted for about 30 proceedingss was audio – recorded and manus written and later transcribed verbatim ( Streubert and Carpenter, 1995 ) . An un-structured interview usher was used ( see Appendix 4 ) , although inquiries were asked in different ways to arouse all possible ideas from participant. Time for treatment was made after the interview. This was once more agreed as portion of ethical blessing for the work. Get downing the Interview ( Appendix 5 ) . As for the method of informations aggregation, single interview have been used. The intent of the phenomenological interview has been defined as an effort to derive penetration into the other individual worldview and to understand shared significances through active hearing ( Sorrell and Redmond 1995 ) . However the pilot interview was non used in the concluding analysis of the informations. Unstructured interviewing is described as â€Å" automatic † ( Hammerseley and Atkinson, 1993 ) .In a big grade the precise subjects on which the interview will concentrate, and the manner in which it is conducted, emerge in the procedure of the interview, and are antiphonal to the perceptual experiences, concerns and precedences of the source. The control of the informations aggregation procedure was surrendered partly to the source ( fellow pupil ) ( Julius and Chris, 2002, p.54 ) .The unstructured interview is conducted harmonizing to an interview usher ( Arksey and Knight, 1999 ) . Subjects in an unstructured interview may be raised in different ways or in a different order Since my purpose in this signifier of interview is to derive insight into a subject from the position of the source, the docket for the interview was non imposed by the interviewer, but was negotiated between interviewer and interviewee ( Jones, 1985 ) . Rubin and Rubin ( 1995 ) described such interviews as a â€Å" guided conversation † . Datas Analysis The analytical procedure began during informations aggregation. Analysis of interviews was coincident with informations aggregation so that new subjects could be identified for inclusion in subsequent interviews. Data aggregation continued until impregnation occurred, whereby no new or relevant stuff emerged. The research worker made notes after the interview of cardinal points that arose in the conversation with the participant. These helped to clear up the emerging issues and allowed minor accommodations to be made to the interview agenda. The transcript was so read through carefully to place the perceptual experiences and attitudes of pupil toward the graduate student survey. The informations were so explored in relation to the available literature and checked against the research notes to guarantee that issues perceived as of import to the interviewee had been addressed. A bill of exchange transcript of the reappraisal was sent out to interviewee ask foring her remarks and leting for some minor accommodations to be made. Quotation marks from interview are given because they represent the positions or to foreground a specific point. Pseudonyms are used throughout the paper to maximize interviewee namelessness. Data was analysed utilizing a model that is geared towards phenomenology methodological analysis of Colaizzi ‘s ( 1978 ) seven phase procedure, reflexiveness in informations aggregation and frequent re-analysis of informations as new subjects emerged ( Miles and Huberman,1994 ) .This theoretical account of analysis Fosters transparence and cogency in the analytical procedure ( Mays and Pope,2000 ) . The analytic procedure of Colaizzis ( 1978 ) was modified to supply a more executable model for the analysis of the information. Firstly tape – recorded interview was played and re – played and written transcripts were read in order to get a ‘first feeling ‘ . The really first rematch of the cassette took topographic point instantly after the interview, it was recorded and a transcript was kept individually for safety grounds. Additionally notes were written after the interview and during the first rematch to capture initial thoughts. Initial data bunch was achieved utilizing underscoring for the participant important statements. This enabled informations submergence and assisted an overview of the participant ‘s part to each bunch. At phase two important statements were extracted from the individual transcript, which was after organized into bunch of subjects. Each subject was attempted to be conceptualized and contextualized ( Strauss and Corbin.1990, p.61 ) and notes were written for each identified subject to be discussed with the participant during proof. The following phase involved the readying of a descriptive text for the participant which included quotation marks from the interviews. At the proof phase participants were re – approached and alongside an explanatory note, the descriptive text was assessed. The participant to the full agreed with the written descriptions and the treatment of her experiences and he signed and retains a 2nd transcript of the proof text. Formulated significances were devised but arranged into one grid to compare their relationship to the formulated significances as a whole. Colaizzi supports this stance to his procedure of analysis. He argues his method of analysis be ‘used flexibly and freely by the research worker, they can modify them in what of all time manner they sees fit ‘ ( Colaizzi, 1978, p.59 ) . Further divergence arose from Colaizzi ( 1978 ) who acknowledged there will be repeat of experience and that repeats should be eliminated. It is argued instead that by placing repeats, greater weight can be added to significance of the significance jointly for persons ( Hantikainen and Kappeli, 2000 ) . To help participant in understanding the analysis of the information, and supply her with grounds that the response could act upon pattern, a grid sketching the cardinal findings was devised for her. The presentation to the participants of what Colaizzis ( 1978 ) calls the ‘exhaustive description ‘ instead than the concluding ‘essential construction ‘ of the phenomenon, was besides recommended by Holloway and Wheeler ( 1996 ) , as it could be more easy recognizable by her because it has the possible to move as a precursor to arouse more information and remarks at this phase of the survey. Although cogency in qualitative research is multifaceted, it appears to be an advantage of using a method of analysis which incorporated proof by participants themselves. The concluding analysis of the phenomenon can be seen as the ‘product ‘ of a shared procedure between those whom have experience it and the research worker ( Halarie, 2006 ) . Discussion The survey revealed a sequence of findings, which could be summarised under the undermentioned seven classs: All seven classs emerged from the participant descriptions, irrespective of the length of the interview a ) Aspiration in life B ) Challenges of being a graduate student pupil degree Celsius ) Time direction vitamin D ) Positive and negative feelinge ) Library usage degree Fahrenheit ) Internet usage g ) Lecturers attitudes. Each class will be explored and deductions for development discussed. Aspiration in life: The pupil emphasised that the graduate student programme was an chance for her to rich greater tallness. â€Å" My end in life is to draw a bead on to make the extremum in my educational calling † Challenges of being a postgraduate pupil: Being admitted for the graduate student programme was the first challenge the pupil faced, followed by funding the programme, cost of adjustment in school, run intoing the class work deadline for entry, and plagiarism menace. â€Å" The adjustment I got was rather expensive in school † . â€Å" Geting admitted gave me a challenge † â€Å" I mean the support of the P.G surveies was non excessively easy † . â€Å" I was so witting of the mentions quoted but am still afraid that I did non plagiarize † . â€Å" haste through the coursework assignment, so as to run into the deadline for entry † . Time direction: The pupil usage most of the clip in the school country for go toing talks, making class work, and personal reading while the free talk yearss is used for parttime occupation. â€Å" I realised that I need to make a batch of personal reading â€Å" â€Å" My faculty clip besides gave me a good chance to prosecute in a portion clip work in a shop † . Lecturers Attitudes: it was gathered from the pupil experience that the lectors were accessible and they help in work outing pupil academic problems. â€Å" The lectors have ever been really helpful and accessible and unfastened to suggestions and unfavorable judgment † . Library usage: School Library was reportedly used to accomplish a batch of work through class work administration and easy cyberspace entree, run offing the assignment and printing relevant papers. It was so a good resource. â€Å" I did non hold a resource to acquire a lap-top so I spend most of my clip in the school library ( LRC ) † . Internet usage: At interview, the pupil reported equal usage of the Internet at school, for email communicating, online resource from the lectors, and for a assortment of reasons. â€Å" Most of our classs had online resource which could merely be assessed through the Webct from the library portal † . Positive and negative feeling: There was the fiscal influence on the household, but a batch of accomplishments were acquired. The probe confirms the utility of using a phenomenological method to the human side of research and to lend to the alleged â€Å" studies-of-studies † literature, and to the turning shared experiential civilization in research. It could assist decrease the clasp of the positive paradigm in the survey and to happen a cardinal topographic point for the human side of research, alternatively of concealment or disregarding this of import aspect of research. Finally, this survey was exploratory in nature and the consequences may be limited to the respondent who participated in the probe, merely. Therefore, merely general suggestions for future research can be offered. One possibility is to research the experiences of pupil who have non received didactic direction on school life, but who have to put to death graduate student survey. Another possibility is to depict the experiences of pupils who failed to finish their surveies successfully. Decision Postgraduate Student experience could be summarized into a deliberate and necessary attempt to derive credence into an organized and defined educational scene. The findings illustrate the ‘lived experience ‘ of a postgraduate pupil about her surveies, the cognition respondents have about her school, and some consideration about duty for cognition and why perusal may be hard. An overruling subject throughout the work is related to dedication to class work and support. Key concerns included ; The support of a postgraduate class. Entree to resources and Proper clip direction. How to cite The Student Experience In Higher Education Education Essay, Essay examples

Geroge Orwell Essay Example For Students

Geroge Orwell Essay â€Å"One of the things Orwell bequeathed us was the adjective ‘Orwellian’†¦. It is a frightening word, generally applied to a society organized to crush and dehumanize the individual, sometimes signifying the alienation of that individual if he dares to rebel† (Lewis 13). George Orwell, the pseudonym for Eric Arthur Blair, depicted the importance of the individual in society and the danger of too much community in his literature. Through his personal experiences, however, he explored the ideas of socialism and was torn between the individual and community ideals. In his literature and his past, Orwell spoke against movements that remove the individual, but still emphasized the importance of community. Thus, he advocated a need for balance between the two concepts. In 1922, Orwell began working as the assistant superintendent of police in Myaungmya, Burma, and this is where his hatred toward imperialism and its tyrannical rule over the underdogs in society developed. He felt guilty torturing and flogging unwilling subjects. The community had taken too much power over the individual, and the imperialist society commanded Orwell to enforce this injustice: â€Å"I was stuck between my hatred of the empire I served and my rage against the evil-spirited little beasts who tried to make my job impossible. With one part of my mind I thought of the British Raj as an unbreakable tyranny†¦with another part I thought the greatest joy in the world would be to drive a bayonet into a Buddhist priest’s guts. Feelings like these are normal by-products of imperialism† (qtd. in Lewis 41). Obviously, imperialism had affected Orwell to the point where he developed animosity towards the Burmese. As a policeman doing â€Å"the dirty work of the Em pire† (qtd. in Lewis 41), Orwell acquired a hatred for imperialism, a belief that is focused on dominion over other individuals. Orwell later moved on to Spain where he joined the Partido Obrero de Unificacin Marxista (POUM), or the Workers’ Party for Marxist Unity, and began his belief in socialism. When he arrived in Barcelona, he noticed an almost complete elimination of the social class structure: â€Å"Waiters and shop-walkers looked you in the face and treated you as an equal. Everyone called everyone else Comrade and Thou†¦. In outward appearance, the wealthy had practically ceased to exist†¦. In some ways I did not even like it, but I recognized it immediately as a state of affairs worth fighting for† (qtd. in Lewis 55). He enjoyed the idea that everybody was equal, but he still showed resentment towards it. His inner conflict between these two ideas and his experiences as a member in the Spanish Civil War caused him to choose a median between the community ideals which he saw and the individual ideals which he missed: â€Å"I have seen wonderful things and at last really belie ve in socialism, which I never did before† (qtd. in Chen). With the start of World War II, George Orwell began his fight against Nazism, fascism, and communism. In the eyes of many, communism became interchangeable with socialism, and he criticized writers of his time that were in support of Stalin and his â€Å"socialist† movement: â€Å"Why should writers be attracted by a form of Socialism that makes mental honesty impossible† (qtd. in Lewis 76)? In an attempt to pacify the radical communist movements and change imperialism, he spoke of a third method to reform the British Empire—a middle ground that would create a socialist community in Britain. John Newsinger wrote, â€Å"He had a call for a new socialist movement that would reject both Communist-style revolution and Labour Party reformism in favour of a third way to socialism, a third way that he continued to call revolutionary but that was adapted to modern conditions† (qtd. in Chen). Through this, one can see that Orwell wanted to avoid such movements as c ommunism, which attempted to obtain control over the individual, and yet he had a need to preserve the community through socialism. With communism, Nazism, fascism, and imperialism rising during Orwell’s lifetime, he had concern for the elimination of the individual. He therefore wrote critical and sardonic literary works, including his most famous novel entitled 1984. Fitness EssayAnother essay emerging from his experiences with the Burmese, entitled â€Å"A Hanging,† shows Orwell’s opinion that the individual is necessary in the community. He portrays his emotions as a witness to and the partial cause of the hanging of a Hindu prisoner. In the story, Orwell writes of his realization that it is wrong for a community to take another man’s life. One of the most powerful passages is after he sees the prisoner sidestep a puddle: â€Å"When I saw the prisoner step aside to avoid the puddle I saw a mystery, the unspeakable wrongness of cutting a life short when it is in full tide. This man was not dying, he was alive just as we were alive†¦. His brain still reasoned—even about puddles† (qtd. in Lewis 41). Although to Orwell the individual is important in society, he asserts in â€Å"Reflections on Gandhi† that an equal community is important as well. He mentions Gandhi’s belief that close friendships and love are not beneficial because the favoring of an individual can interfere with the needs of a community:Close friendships, Gandhi says, are dangerous, because ‘friends react to one another’ and through loyalty to a friend one can be led into wrong-doing. This is unquestionably true. Moreover, if one is to love God, or to love humanity as a whole, one cannot give one’s preference to any individual person†¦. To an ordinary human being, love means nothing if it does not mean loving some people more than others. (â€Å"Reflections on Gandhi† 98)Love gets in the way of communities ideals because people no longer treat each other as equals. This emphasis on the necessity of equality shows Orwell’s realization that community is important as well as the individual. Orwell’s firm belief of a balance between the community and the individual can be seen throughout his life and his works. Aspects of socialism were apparent in his emphasis on the need for equality in a community, and yet he wrote powerfully about the danger of having too little individuality and not enough community. Orwell constantly struggled between these two ideas, and throughout his life he fought for a socialist society in Britain to represent his belief in the need of both community and the individual. He wrote powerfully and blatantly to illustrate the concept of balance between the affects of community and the individual. Bibliography:Chen, Anna. George Orwell a Literary Trotskyist? 2 Oct. 2000. K1 Internet Publishing. 13 Dec. 2000 . Lewis, Peter. George Orwell: The Road to 1984. New York and London: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1981. Orwell, George. 1984. New York: Signet Classic, 1961. Orwell, George. â€Å"Shooting an Elephant.† Shooting an Elephant and Other Essays. Ed. Sonia Orwell. New York: Harcourt, Brace World, Inc., 1950. 3-12. Orwell, George. â€Å"Reflections on Gandhi.† Shooting an Elephant and Other Essays. Ed. Sonia Orwell. New York: Harcourt, Brace World, Inc., 1950. 93-103. Teck, Yee. Nineteen Eighty-Four and Personal Freedom. 2 Oct. 2000. K1 Internet Publishing. 13 Dec. 2000 . Williams, Rhodri. Orwell’s Political Messages in Animal Farm, Homage to Catalonia and Nineteen Eighty-Four. 2 Oct. 2000. K1 Internet Publishing. 13 Dec. 2000 .

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Roberto Clemente free essay sample

Roberto Clement was a legend in the game of baseball and he was the first Latin-American baseball player. He played 18 seasons as a Pittsburgh Pirate was won many awards for fielding and batting. He was one of the best defensive players of all time; he could catch almost any ball hit to him. Also no one dared his arm because he could throw anybody out at home. He broke many milestones including hit number 3,000 on the last game of the season in 1972. He died three months later in a plane crash in which he attempted to bring supplies to people in Nicaragua for survivors of an earthquake.His body was never found and his death was a big mystery. On August 18, 1 934 Roberto Clement Walker was born in Carolina, Puerco Rich. Walker was the last name of his mother and thats what it will read on his hall of fame plaque. We will write a custom essay sample on Roberto Clemente or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Roberto grew up in a very poor community and they could afford anything So they played baseball with sticks and rocks, and basically anything that could be used to play baseball with. Then from playing with sticks and stones he was signed by the Sentence Crabbers of Puerco Rican winter league for $5,000 on October 9, 1952. He played a couple seasons there and was a very good player.Then the Brooklyn Dodgers signed him in 1953 for S 10,000 dollars. This was the team that called up the very first black player Jackie Robinson. Now they were signing the first Latin-American baseball player. He was a right-handed outfielder and a right-handed batter. Just as Jackie Robinson broke the barrier for blacks to come play major league baseball in America Roberto Clement broke the barrier for Latin-Americans. It took very little time for people to realize how special of a player he was. He gave the term complete a new meaning. He made the word superstar seem inadequate.He had about him the touch of royalty. Former ML Commissioner Bowie Kuhn. He had phenomenal career stats including a batting average of . 317, 240 home runs, and 3,000 hits. He won twelve gold gloves from 1961-1972, he made it to twelve all-star games, four national league batting championships in 1961, 1964, 1965 and 1967. Also he won a National league MAP award in 1 966, two world serious rings, and one World Series MAP award. The list goes on and on of his accomplishments but his that was not the only reason why he was such and important person in assessable.He was a very nice person who was willing to give up a lot for others. He made several trips to Puerco Rich to give baseball supplies to young children and he told them to keep their spirits up and that if they put there mind to it they could do anything. Of course as being the first Latin-American baseball player in America he endured many harsh fans that booed him and made rude comments to hi on the field. But he dealt with it and just played baseball. Soon enough they fell in love with his talents and he was a world wide favorite.On November 14, 1964 he married Vera Cabala at San Fernando Church in Carolina, Puerco Rich. He also had three children, Roberto Jar. , Luis Roberto and Unripe Roberto. Growing up in Puerco Rich we got to learn a lot about his character, it was obvious that not only was he one of the greatest players, but a great human being as well. Bernie Williams, New York Yankees. Roberto Clement played his last game on October 3, 1972 in which he accomplished the milestone of 3,000 career hits. After that season Roberto spent a lot of time in Latin countries doing community service and charity ark. Roberto Clemente free essay sample During his first year in high school, he was watched and later recruited by Roberto Marin so he could play softball with the Sells Orzo team after Marin saw Clement playing baseball in San Antn. He was with the team for two years playing as a shortstop. Roberto Clement joined Puerco Rices amateur league when he was only 16 years old. He ended up playing for the Ferdinand Juncos team. Clementines professional baseball career began when Peed[n Gorilla offered Clement, who was 18 at the time, a contract with the Congress DeSentence, which was a winter league team and franchise of the Puerco Rican Professional Baseball League (LABOR). He sat on the bench for his first year but he was later promoted to the Sentence Congress starting lineup the next season. While Clement was playing in the LABOR, the Brooklyn Dodgers offered him a contract. Roberto ended up signing the contract on February 19, 1954 and moved to Montreal to play for the Montreal Royals. We will write a custom essay sample on Roberto Clemente or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Clyde Superiors, who was a scout for the Pittsburgh Pirates, noticed that Clement as being used as a bench player for the Royals and talked to him about being drafted to the Pittsburgh Pirates.